True Her H-Brewer Decarboxylator and Infuser the Best Machine Home Appliance for Cannabis and Other Herbs, 300 - 700 ml
True Her H-Brewer Decarboxylator and Infuser the Best Machine Home Appliance for Cannabis and Other Herbs, 300 - 700 ml


Ultimate Decarboxylator & Infuser

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TrueHerb Two-in-One Infuser and Humidifier Machines


True Herb H-Brewer comes with two built-in functions: decarboxylation, also known as activation, and infusion. You can select either of those operations when using the machine. We recommend decarbing your flower first before making an infusion.

True Herb H-Brewer Decarboxylator Activator Function


Activates or changes chemical properties of your plant material by heating them for a set period of time. Once finished, the plants acquire potency, which make them a valuable ingredient in food preparation, medical, or cosmetic recipes.

True Herb H-Brewer Infuser Function


Steeps decarbed plants in a solvent such as oil, honey, or butter to make an infusion. Infused oil can be used in salads, incorporated into any recipe in place of regular oil, applied as a massage oil, or made into cosmetics.

True Herb H-Brewer 2 in 1 Decarboxylator and Infuser Machine Features


  1. OPTIMAL SIZE: Accommodates up to 700 ml of infused oil allowing you to control how much to decarb or infuse.
  2. PRECISELY CONTROLLED TEMPERATURE: Equipped with sensors that maintain temperature for consistently great results.
  3. EASY TO SET UP: One-button control lets you easily select desired operation and fine-tune settings.
  4. EASY TO MAINTAIN: All removable parts are dishwasher safe.
  5. SAFETY FEATURES: Built-in protection mechanisms prevent overheating, accidental spillage, and burns.
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Our top-of-the-line H-Brewer appliance is perfect for activating cannabis and other herbs or spices for further use in cooking and baking. Our True Herb H-Brewer is made with high quality materials and its robust construction ensures years of reliable use. With its simple one button operation, the True Herb H-Brewer is a breeze to set up


How True Herb H-Brewer Works - Step 1: Add Bud Flower Cannabis


Add your chopped herbs and, if making an infusion, solvent of your choice (oil, butter, or honey).

TrueHerb H-Brewer Decarboxylator Infuser - How to Use it


Select temperature and time for Activate or Infuse operation and press the button to start.

How TrueHerb H-Brewer Works - Step 3: Wait until Operation is Finished


Wait until your operation is complete. It may take from 20 minutes to 3 hours depending on the selected operation.

How True Herb H-Brewer Works - Step 4: Remove Decarbed Cannabis and Infused Oil and Enjoy them


Remove your herbs or infused oil and enjoy them!

TrueHerb Two-in-One Infuser and Humidifier Machines



  1. JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF FORCE: The press produces up to 2.5 Ton, which makes it suitable for many heat press applications.
  2. LARGE PLATES: 4.8" x 3" inch dual heating plates can hold a good amount of material and accommodate many filter bag sizes.
  3. EASY TO OPERATE: Just enter desired temperature for your plates and press Down button to start operation.
  4. TWO ORIENTATIONS: VERSA can be used in vertical or horizontal orientations to better suite your needs.
  5. DRIPTEK CAPABILITY: While positioned horizontally, the press activates DripTek.
  6. GRADUAL PRESSING: Use Down button to gradually build up pressure to ensure the best results.
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True Herb Versa electric heat press machine is a heavy-duty powerful device used for extracting rosin in the comfort of your home. With its high pressure capacity of 5000 lb, it can apply significant force to squeeze out the resin from all types of plant material.
110 V for North America
220 V for Europe and Australia
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Don't loose your precious flower to mold or overly dry air! Store it at the perfect humidity level to preserve your plant material and keep it from degrading.

About True Herb

Inspired by great chefs around the country, we, a group of passionate engineers and designers, decided to create an ultimate home appliance that can easily activate (decarboxylate) your herbs transforming them into into all-natural potent spices / food additives as well as create home-made infusions with a simple press of a button. That is how our 2-in-1 H-Brewer decarboxylator / infuser and True Herb™ company was born. Read more...