Affiliate Program

True Herb Affiliate Referral Program offers an opportunity for individuals as well as businesses to earn a commission on purchases made by customers referred from you. 

What will I get by signing up for your program?

  • You will earn a 5% commission back from purchases made by customers who are referred to us through your links.
  • Your customers can automatically get 5% OFF for purchases with the coupon link you share with them.

How do I start?

  1. First of all, you need to create your affiliate account by filling out True Herb Affiliate registration form and then wait for our approval email. If the link doesn't work for you, please copy this address: Please make sure to save your password.

    True Herb Affiliate Referral Program Registration Form

  2. Once you get the email saying that you have been approved, log in to your account and get your tracking links, coupons, and banners.

    True Herb Affiliate Referral Info

    TrueHerb Affiliate Referral Program Banners

  3. Place the image banners and/or post personalized coupon codes on your website or social media and link them to our site using the tracking links.
  4. Wait for your customers to make purchases at our store. You can track all your referral purchases as well as commission amounts at your account Orders page.

    TrueHerb Affiliate Referral Orders
  5. Once your total commission reaches $100, TrueHerb will send you a check. Please note that, in accordance with IRS requirements, you have to fill out a current W-9 form ( and submit it to us for proper accounting purposes.