How to Activate / Decarboxylate Cannabis

Materials needed:

  • Cannabis flower
  • H-Brewer infuser 


  1. Break up the buds into smaller pieces.
  2. Open the infuser and take out the pot together with the strainer. Remove the stirrer from the strainer if you don't plan on using it during the operation. 
  3. Add your plant material to the strainer, making sure you don't pack tightly. 
  4. Insert the pot and the strainer back into the infuser and close the lid making sure it locks.
  5. Long press the dial until the mode selection is activated and the Activate indicator starts flashing on the screen. The default decarboxylation temperature (240 F) and time (30 min) are shown on the screen. Feel free to use these default settings. If you are experimenting, please refer to the manual on how to change these settings.
  6. Press the dial to confirm your selection. The machine starts heating, and, once the selected temperature is reached, the countdown starts.
  7. When the countdown ends, press the unlock button and open up the lid.
  8. Remove the strainer with the decarbed material using heat proof gloves. Allow it to cool. Your herbs are now ready to be used in baking, cooking, or making infusions.