How to Make Cannabutter

Materials needed:

  • 1.1 ounce / 30 gm decarbed cannabis 
  • 4 sticks /500 gm butter 
  • H-Brewer infuser 


  1. Chop or grind your decarbed flower and cut the butter into smaller chunks.
  2. Open up the H-Brewer and take out the pot with the strainer. Make sure the stirrer remains inside the strainer.
  3. Place cannabis into the strainer and position it inside the pot. 
  4. Add butter and close the infuser lid making sure it locks.
  5. Long press the dial and select Set mode. Rotate the dial to set temperature to 210 °F and time - 120 minutes. Confirm your selections and then exist the set mode. 
  6. Long press the dial again and select Infuse mode. Confirm your selection. The heating and stirring starts. Once the temperature reaches 210 °F, the timer countdown starts. 
  7. When the countdown ends, unlock the lid and remove the pot together with the strainer from the device using heat proof gloves.
  8. Lift up the strainer and allow the remaining liquid butter to drip into the pot. 
  9. Let the infusion cool down before pouring it into a storage container.
  10. Refrigerate the cannabutter to preserve freshness. If liquid appears on top of the butter after the butter solidifies, drain and discard it.